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Products and services

Full ship chandler service:




Fresh & Chilled
• Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables• Fresh Local Meat, Poultry, Seafood and fishes• Dairy Products, Cheese and Eggs• Pastries, Sweets and Desserts

• Beef, Pork, Mutton Meat Cuts & Preserves• Frozen Fruits and vegetables• Ice Creams, Cakes and pastries...

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Bonded stores and slop chest items

Tobacco products, Spirits, wine, beer, juices, soft drinks

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Technical stores and services

Cloth and Linen Products, Tableware and Galley Utensils, 60Hz Domestic Appliances and instruments, Clothing, Ropes - all types and sizes, Rigging Equipment and General Deck Items, Paints and Painting Equipment, Safety Protective Gear, Safety Equipment, Albatross SRL Pyrotechnics, Comet Marine, Hoses and Couplings, Nautical Equipment, ...

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