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About us

Alpha Supply Ltd is a recognized leader in providing of high quality marine products and services to the international shipping and offshore industry.

The convenient location of our Head Office in the port of Varna/Bulgaria, enables us to stock and ship marine goods to any Bulgarian or Romanian port without delay.
In order to meet the requirements of our clients, we carry a complete inventory of marine stores, technical and provision, in our 2500 square meter warehouse.  Furthermore, we have solid and established relationships with many suppliers, manufacturers and service partners worldwide
With our experienced team of young professionals with marine background, we always have the cost-efficient procurement solution for our clients world over.
Our main goal is to establish long-lasting relations with our customers by ensuring quality, accuracy, honesty, attractive prices and exceptional service.

Our quality system complies with the International Quality Standard, ISO ‎9001-2015 assuring that all our products meet the highest quality and hygiene requirements. We are continuously looking for new alternatives in order to provide technically, economically and environmentally better solutions.